Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo Share!

Just a quick post to share with you this photo that I took at the beginning of January. (Click on the image to bring up a full size version).

We were just leaving my husband's parents' farm in Childers, Queensland, when I noticed the most amazing rainbow - so I just had to get a shot of it!

So I climbed up near their dam and got this shot - you can see the Sugar Cane train railway crossing at the bottom of the photo.

I'm no photographer, but I like this shot!

I now have a Canon 400D SLR and am working on improving my photography, so hopefully I'll have some better shots to share with you in the future!

Until next time

PS: Only 2 more days until my birthday - and you get the presents! Check back on Wednesday for your chance to win some scrapping goodies!



love all the elements on the edge of print ... beaut rainbow

Renee Culpan said...

Great Photo Sarah, don't you just love your new camera!!

Sarah Schwerin said...

Thanks Renee! I actually took this photo with my Olympus - haven't yet christened the Canon! I'm hoping that if this shot is anything to go by, I will get some awesome shots with it!

Julie H said...

It's a beautiful shot Sarah!!
Is childer's near Rocky by chance .... not sure if I've asked this before, the name town sounds familiar.

chat soon
Julie xx

Renee Dowling said...

This is simply stunning Sarah!, I luv it!!! Share it in the photo gallery at SS so everyone can see!!