Friday, February 8, 2008

The Savvy Celebrity Spotlight on Rachel Greig!

Today I am thrilled to announce that the Savvy Celebrity Spotlight is shining on none other than my idol, Rachel Greig!

I have posted my interview on the forum, and you can check it out here!

Why today? Because today is Rachel's Birthday! Happy Birthday Rachel!

The return of Mr Dick Sticker.......

Since Rachel is the owner of the traveling Mr Dick Sticker Stamp (it's on a round-robin trip around the world! For more info on what I'm on about see this post) I just couldn't resist creating this "Secret Keeper" card for her!

So I just had to share it with you because I think it's hilarious!
Looks pretty normal until you slide it open.....
In case you can't read it it says "I hope you get a SACK full of presents!" LMAO!!

Poor Rachel opened it up while she was waiting in line at the post office today!! LOL! Apparently amusing those around her! LOL!

So how did I get the image so big? Before he left me, I stamped him a bunch of times on various different surfaces, one of which was plain white paper. I then scanned it into photoshop and made it bigger so that it would fit the 4x6 Secret Keeper card!

That's it from me for now!

The first ever Scrapbook Savvy Cyber Crop is on tonight and continues over the weekend, so come along and join in the fun!




I just love that card sarah... all the ones you have done of Mr DS are amazing .. are his plants glitterd... fantastic i wish i was a fly on that wall to hear the laughter.... chat with you over the course of the CC have already done challenge 1.... 2 more to go have a great weekend

Rachel Greig said...

Sarah - you're too kind! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and card! And thanks for asking me to be a part of the Scrapbook Savvy spotlight - it was a lot of fun :):):)

LindyLoudy said...

Hey sis, I wouldn't mind a 'sack' full of presents on my birthday! hehe!

Robin Beam said...