Saturday, April 5, 2008

Australian Papercrafts Magazine - Issue 75!

I have a card project in this month's issue of Australian Papercrafts magazine!

And how cool is this - I can share the project with you in the online version of the magazine!

To see my project click on this link and you will be taken straight to the first page of my feature (3 pages in all). This will also give you full access to the digital version of the magazine! Yay!

If you like the magazine, you can get a FREE 6 month subscription to the online version just by signing up to their newsletter! Yep - FREE! It's the full version of the magazine, exactly as you see it in real life! How fabulous! Sign up here. You can also sign up to For Keeps magazine using the same link. Woohoo!

Here's a sneak peek of what it looks like. I suppose I can forgive them for spelling my name wrong! LOL!

I also have something coming up in the next issue so stay tuned for more info on that one!

Have a great weekend!



Renee Dowling said...

Just gorgeous Sarah! and it is cool how you can share it online!

angel321 said...

That's fantastic Sarah. I love all the cards you make for me, I have them all safely put away in a special box! (They are all works of art)

Cathrine StClair said...