Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Renee D's Photo Challenge - May 08!

This month, Renee's photo challenge was to capture an image (one distinct object/animal/element) in mid air/flight ( or even falling), with the image in the foreground of your shot.

You can see Renee's example here.

Here is my example:
I took the photo with my Canon DSLR set to "Close Up" mode. As the bubble was a moving object, I first locked the focus on the bubble blower and then moved it out of shot - hoping that the bubble would get in the shot and stay in focus! Which it did eventually!

This was a really hard challenge - it took many attempts - and it was a two person job! I had to get my Mum to create the bubbles while I took the shots!

But I'm glad I persevered because I think it looks pretty cool! I love how you can see my mum's arm holding up the bubble blower on both sides of the bubble - and how you can really see the oily texture of the bubble!

Thanks for looking!



Tegan said...

its amazing how something so simple, can be so pretty. i love this photo-so pretty.

Renee Dowling said...

This is a stunning pic Sarah, You really have a natural talent for capturing beautiful shots!


you have an eye for photos .... brilliant shot

angel321 said...

Wow! it worked beautifully, what a great photo!