Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Sarah Needs!

I was blurfing tonight (blog surfing - add it to your vocab! LOL!) and came across something I found amusing, so I thought I'd do it too!

You do a google search for your name followed by "needs" (e.g. "Sarah needs") and then post the top 10 results on your blog! Now, whilst you do need to be prepared for the inevitable porn phrases, there are some hilarious ones that will make you giggle out loud when you apply them to your life!! LMAO!! So here's mine: (I chose the "pages from Australia" google search).

1. Sarah needs answers. (Don't we all!).
2. Sarah needs a life. (Um...Yeah!).
3. Sarah needs Sarah needs to know your medical history, your lifestyle, your daily diet, exercise, stress levels as well as current medications and Tests such as urine testing, zinc levels, blood pressure are frequently done during a first consultation. (That Sarah is a Naturopath!).
4. Sarah needs to explore these feelings of being compelled to overspend to feel a sense of self worth, self-gratification and personal identity and how this behaviour is affecting those around her. (This Sarah was in therapy).
5. Sarah needs assistance to maintain her tenancy, as she will be unable to cope with the stressors of illness, disability and independent living. (This Sarah was a prisoner on parole!).
6. Sarah needs support.
7. When Sarah needs inspiration all she has to do is jump on her motorbike and drive. (Bwahaha!).
8. Sarah needs to ensure her running shoes are appropriately fitted for her foot type and running needs and will particularly need shoes with considerable forefoot cushioning. (This Sarah is a recreational athlete!).
9. Sarah needs a man and she will do anything to get one. (BWAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHA!).
10. Sarah needs to continue this skin care routine so she can continue nursing. (WTF?)

And then there's #11 which I think I like the best....

11. What Sarah needs to do is have a few drinks and party with us!

Yes! Pass the yard glass! LMAO!!

Please - try this yourself and post it on your blog! Leave me a message so I can check it out and have a giggle too! :)



Julie H said...

hahahahaha - that is too funny!!! What a fun thing to do, will have to give it a try and see what comes up.
lol - do not disobey .... Sarah needs a drink!!! :)lol, I think I need to join you.

chat soon
Julie xx

Karen said...

Hilarious Sarah!!
You always know where to find the funny stuff lol
Ive just posted mine on my blog....some are really funny!


Charmaine said...

Im going to have a go at this one later Sarah

...please visit my blog as i have tagged you:) Hope you dont mind:)