Saturday, July 12, 2008

Messing with Photoshop.

Today I have been fiddling around with a photoshop tutorial on Jessica Sprague's blog. The "ShaZAM" technique is great and really does improve your photos with little effort! Check out Jessica's tutorial here.

I decided to give it a go on some shot's from my friend's wedding, and it worked a treat! I can see I'll be using this technique a lot in future!

Here is the groom in my before and after shots:

Wowee! What a difference!

Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend! :)



sylv said...

I LOVE your ShaZam! It has such a "WOW" factor! Actually, of those posted with a before and after photo, I think yours is the best! Your layouts on your blog are FABULOUS!

Wendy said...

It is awesome transformation

I love using altered lighting in my pics too

Anonymous said...

Wow what a huge difference between those photos....

also I've just tagged you can get to my blog from Savvy..

Renee Culpan said...

Great before and after Sarah!! Will have to try it out when I get my new photoshop.

Renee xx

di basnett said...

Saw this in Jessica's Photoshop Friday email....and thought WOW. Your transformation is sensational. ShaZam!