Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sky Watch 6.

I have come across this cool photography blog called "Sky Watch Friday" where participants post links to their photos which include sky. There are new links from participants every week for you to check out!

This is the first time that I have joined in, and here is my effort (click to enlarge):

This photo was taken last week while I was in Canberra. We had just arrived and were driving though the city to get to our hotel. We had stopped at a set of traffic lights, and I looked out of my window and saw the moon shining through that tree, and said to hubby "Wow! That would make a great photo"! So he convinced me to get my camera out and snap the shot - just as the lights went green and we started to drive off! LOL!

And that's exactly how the photo turned out - I haven't edited it in photoshop, other than to add the border and reduce the file size for the web. Pretty cool, huh?!

This is also my example for Renee D's August Photo Challenge - to capture a silhouette.

Thanks for looking! :) Please leave me a comment if you stopped by to check it out!



Tegan said...

i really like this :)
at first i thought the "moon" was a "bird", but that is quite obviously not what it is. a great shot sarah.

Dirk said...

Indeed, cool shot with the moon and the tree. Nice contribution to SWF, hope to see more of your 'sky watches'.

Julie said...

Good to see another Australian in SWF, Sarah. Welcome aboard!

I like the way the moon is peeping through the bare branches. I will check out the silhouette meme that you mention.

imac said...

A wonderful capture.

Welcome to Skywatch, its photos like yours that make SW so successful, hope to see you next week.

sonia a.m. said...

Nice photo! Good participation on SWF.

Kelly said...

Welcome to SkyWatch! Great photo and it's a pleasure to have you as one of the group!

The moon is lovely with the tree surrounding it.

This is a perfect SWF photo! Well done and hope to see another picture from you next week!


Catherine said...

Welcome to skywatch! It is a Beautiful capture!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Tom from Sky Watch here...
Welcome to Sky Watch... I hope this picture gets many comments as it certainly warrents it. Thank you for joining in this week I hope you enjoy it that much you keep coming back..

Quiet Paths said...

Welcome! I really like this; just a hint of Mr. Moon. Nice capture.

Mayet said...

hi! nice pic.

Torsdag said...

Hallo Shara,
I expected an german blogger with the name "SCHWERIN".
Perfect debut for Sky Watch Friday.
Hope to see some more next week.
Hallo and welcome
from Germany

fishing guy said...

Sarah: That was a gret capture through the trre. I had a moon shot on mine also.

Tommy V said...

nice capture thru the tree. beautiful blue sky.

chrome3d said...

Great silhouette in the tree.

babooshka said...

Hello, and a belated welcome. Beautiful rich blue for your first one, with a haunting moon too. Well done.

Shirley Fyfe said...

This is a fantastic shot Sarah . . . I'm so glad you decided to join in the fun of Sky Watch too - I've been sharing now for a few weeks and have certainly discovered some wonderful blogs!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too!