Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Photo challenge, and 6 things you may not know about me!

Boy oh boy have I been busy lately! With the Tarisota stuff I did, and the Scrapbook Savvy Cybercrop examples, I'm all scrapped out at the moment! So I'm enjoying some time away from my craft desk at the moment. So no paper creations to share today!

However, I do have this photo to share, which is my example for Renee D's photo challenge for October. This month's theme is Landscapes.

I took this photo on the way back down from the Mt Selwyn Snowfields on our recent trip to the snow. It was the first time I'd even seen snow and it was so magical! It snowed the whole time we were there which was awesome! The kids had a ball - we all did!

We were there only about 6 weeks ago however, it's already beach weather here! We went up to teh central coast yesterday to do some house hunting, and it was sooo hot! We took them to Forrester's Beach for the afternoon and had some fun - although my little man didn't like it all that much! After vomiting all through the car just as we got to Gosford (too much milk, Twisties, and car sickness!) we though he'd enjoy the beach. He did for a while, but ended up getting dunked by a wave, which made him grumpy for the rest of the afternoon! "I HATE SAND!" and "I WANT TO GO HOME!" and "I'M COLD!" were his faves - so needless to say I didn't get the great beach shots that I was after. Oh well. Better luck next time I hope! I'm sure you'll see a few of the better ones in my scrapbook pages soon enough!

I've been tagged by the ultra talented Shirley Fyfe to share 6 things you may not know about me, so here goes:

1. I was once an extra in an Australian movie, however all the bits I was in ended up on the cutting room floor! LOL!

2. I've never been overseas! My first plane flight was when I was 18 and I was terrified! I ended up quite enjoying it as I had to fly back and forth to Perth a lot before I moved there to be with my boyfriend (who is now my husband), and I haven't flown anywhere since! It's been about 8 years.

3. I'm a definite home body. I love nothing more than curling up on the couch with a blanket and watching a DVD!

4. Shirley - I have to confess! I'm a fellow hoarder! I'm not as bad as those extreme cases you see on Oprah, however I do need to force myself to get rid of stuff! I get caught up in an overwhelming urge that I might need whatever it is one day, so I keep it stashed away for later. Am looking forward to doing a big clear out before we move and heaps of my old scrapping stuff will end up on ebay!

5. I have 7 ear piercings - 4 in one ear on 3 in the other. No other piercings!

6. I can't swim. I know enough to keep myself afloat for a while, but all those swimming lessons as a child were fruitless. Having my head / face / ears in the water, and the whole breathing thing freaks me out. Could probably swim a lap if I really had to, but I'd prefer to doggy paddle! LOL!

I am tagging Vicky, Wendy, Sarah, Sandie, Renee C, and Diane.

I'll be back in the next few days to share some pics from the Canon Pixma / Scrapbooking Memories party that I went to on Friday night! Had a ball!

Until then.....


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see your pics from the party sarah.. i loved you cyber crop. u did a fab job!!

have a great week chick...

see u when your savvy (sad joke i know)

Princess Tamara said...

I can't wait to see your pics - I didn't pull my camera out all night, BAD SCRAPPER! lol

Rachel Greig said...

You're moving to the coast?? How cool!!

Forry's Beach isn't the best for swimming, can sometimes be a bit rough. Go to Spoon Bay next time (near Forresters), it's great for kids.

Anonymous said...

Great shot Sarah! I'm sure all in all you had a great family time out!
~xx Barb xx~

Renee Dowling said...

Hey Sarah,

When are you going to post some pics from the Pixma Party.. I'm hangin out!!!!!I'm such a nosey parker lol!!!


di basnett said...

Thanks for tagging me. Finally got around to doing it. Great to read more about you...and we share the home-body bit. Good luck with the house hunting. D