Sunday, November 9, 2008

Renee D's November Photo Challenge!

Wow - 2 posts in one day! LOL! Could probably do 3 more, but I'll wait until tomorrow! :)

Here are my examples for Renee D's November photo challenge - which is to take a macro shot.

So what's this? It is the inside of a very interesting flower that recently popped up in my backyard. Without getting too technical, it is the base of the stamen that is at the centre of the flower. I love how you can see the tiny specs of pollen!

Here's a pic of the flower from a different perspective:

Here you can see the green centre of the flower in the blurry background, but this time the stamens and stigma of the flower are in focus. Don't you just love the colours of the leaves? In real life that lighter purple part is iridescent - such a pretty flower! Pity it only lasts a few days, then gone again for another year!

Here is another close up:

And last but not least, a normal photo of the flower in it's entirety:

It sprouts from some sort of strange cactus type plant in my yard. Mother nature at her best!

These were all taken with my Canon 400D digital SLR in close up mode. Just using a regular 18-55mm lens. Have my eye on a dedicated Macro lens, but that will have to wait!

You too can take part in Renee D's photo challenge - check out the details here - you could win yourself a $10.00 Scrapbook Savvy Voucher - just in time for Christmas!

Thanks for looking! :)



di basnett said...

OMG...what a fanastically unusual flower. It looks like it could be from the bromeliad family. Love your shots.

Renee Dowling said...

This is certainly awsome Sarah..The colours are stunning, I luv them all!

Peg said...