Friday, January 16, 2009

Pixma Adventures - Part 1.

Well, I suppose by now you're all busting to know how I'm going with the Canon Pixma MP980, aren't you??! "It's about damn time!" I hear you exclaiming! LOL!! I must apologise - but I moved house just before Christmas and OMG what a busy month we've had! But now, I finally have time to sit down, and write a bit about my fabulous new toy! LOL!!

Now, I've gotta be honest with you - in the past I have been very open with the fact that I'm not a huge fan of home photo printers. I used to have an HP photo printer and it gave me more trouble than good. The photo quality was less than impressive when I compared it to the prints I could get at a photo lab. So I gave up using it, and never looked back!! That is, until I went to the Scrapbooking Memories Pixma Party and had a play with the new Canon Pixma range!

I was completely blown away with the quality of the prints, and the easy to use software - a far cry from my clunky old HP printer! So imagine my delight when I got an email from the lovely people at Canon asking if I wanted to have a play with the new Pixma MP980??! Ummm - let me think for a minute....YES!!!!

So, at my door arrived this awesome bunch of Canon goodness:

Yeah, I know I've shown that photo before, but, I mean, OMG HOW COOL IS THAT??!! LOL! :)

So anyway, after I stared at it for a while, and basked in its boxed glory, I took a deep breath, dove right in, took it out of the box, and set it up ready to use!

Now, I was expecting to need a degree of some sort to get it set up and working properly with my computer - things like this are usually painful and fraught with disaster, right?! Wrong! Setting up the Pixma was sooooo easy and user friendly - I was really impressed with just how easy it was. And it looked sooooo pretty on my desk.....LOL!

It has this really cool flip up screen with a little scrolly-wheel (that's the technical term for it :P) where you select your photos and print options. How Cool. (Although, I could have done without the free "Kid-Magnet" that came with it! "STOP TOUCHING THE PIXMA!!!" <-- That's me yelling at the kids!! LOL!!).

So again - I basked in it's glory for a little moment, until I was overcome with the urge to print a photo.

OK - so with the Pixma you can print directly from your Memory Card, from your Camera, or from your computer. So for my first print, I chose to print straight from my memory card! How cool to be able to stick your memory card straight into the printer and just print away!

So that's what I did! And I printed out a photo of my daughter. But it looked strange. The colours were all wrong, and it looked kinda grainy. Now, had I not seen the fabulous print quality of the Pixma print outs at the Pixma party, I would have thought that the printer made my photo look bad. But that was not the case. Just my poor photography! LOL! You see - it's very rare that I take a photo that doesn't need adjusting in Photoshop! And this one was one that needed some work for sure! LOL! So while the memory card feature is cool, I probably won't be using it too often, as I prefer to edit my photos before I print them, as opposed to printing them as is. But that's just personal preference, and if you're happy with the quality of your photos then you should go right ahead and print from the memory card!

So I decided that I needed to try printing some photos that had already been edited, so this time I printed straight from my computer. Woweee was I impressed! This print quality was just fabulous - beautiful rich colours, no streaking or lines in the photos, no pixelation, clear crisp images every time! Of course, I was also using the Canon paper and it is just so nice - it's amazing to see the development in home photo paper in say, the last 10 years - heck, even the last 5. Anyone remember the flimsy photo paper of the past? Horrible stuff. But these new papers really are exceptional quality, and dare I say it - the print outs look {almost} as good as the ones from a professional lab. They come in a very close second in my opinion.

Now it was time to really test it out - I'd been doing 4x6 photos, so I decided to give an A4 photo a go and was not disappointed! The software that comes with the machine makes it so easy to select your photos, your image size, orientation, paper type/quality, and layout - there are heaps of options - it's awesome! And again, the finished image was gorgeous.

So, what else could I give a go before I went to bed? The Photocopy feature! I reached for the nearest glossy magazine, and copied the front cover. Ooops - did it in black and white. But still, it looked great! So I switched it to colour copy, and wow! It looked fabulous! I put the print out next to the magazine cover, and the colours were the same - amazing!

One of the coolest features of the Pixma is the fact that the photo paper and the plain paper go into different parts of the machine, and the clever little thing knows which one to use depending on what you're printing - so no more photos on your office paper, and no more bills printed on your precious photo paper. Excellent!

I went to bed that night feeling ultra-impressed and ready and excited to get stuck into some more projects!

So that was my first adventure with the Pixma MP980! Stay tuned - tonight I'll be back with Part #2 - and a scrapbooking layout to share! :)


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