Friday, January 16, 2009

Pixma Adventures - Part 2.

Hi everyone! I hope you're still with me after that last mega post! LOL!!

This time I'm going to share with you a few projects that I created using the Pixma MP980. Did I mention how much I love it? I did? OK then. I won't go on about it. Much. :)

As a scrapbooker, I found I was being limited in my creativity because of the choice that I had made not to have a home printer. I found that most of my photos were either 4x6 or 5x7, and I'd often only use 1 photo per layout - as you can imagine, this is very creatively limiting as there are only so many different looks you can get using 1 photo per page. Not to mention having to drive all the way to my nearest Harvey Norman store, and sitting around waiting for them to be printed. Of course, if I was going to the trouble of getting photos printed, I'd always get a bunch done at the same time with little or no idea what type of scrapbook layout I had in mind for the photos. So again, I found I was limited when it came to actually creating a page with the photos.

One of the things I love about the Pixma is the photo freedom. What do I mean? Well, as I mentioned in the previous post, the software that comes with the printer makes it sooo easy to get photos of different sizes and shapes on the one page, so that you can break out of your 1 photo per scrapbook page rut, and get back in touch with your creativity!

I also love the fact that you can sit down at night to scrapbook, pick out your favourite layout sketch, or design your own, and then go straight to your computer, print out the photos in the sizes you want them and begin creating right away! It's so cool not to have to drag the kids along to the shops to get them printed - you have the instant satisfaction of being able to have the right photos for your layout within minutes!

Now, as I mentioned, I usually create single page layouts. So what did I do with my new found photo freedom? I created a double page layout! The first in years. And I actually enjoyed it! Here it is (click to enlarge):

And again - I have to say how impressive the photo quality is - the colours are just perfect, and the texture of the photo paper is fabulous. (I've been using the Semi Gloss).

So, now that I had done a few photo print outs, I wanted to give something else a go. Sure - it could print impressive photos, but what was it like at printing patterned papers, and 2d pictures? I'd recently found some cool digital templates for gift bags/ boxes and gift tags at Tarisota, so I gave them a whirl. Check them out:

For these I used plain white cardstock, and the "Matt Paper" setting on the Pixma.

The images on the gift tags were printed with the Pixma, then cut out and attached to scalloped circles. For the bag on the left, I printed the patterned paper template onto white cardstock, then cut it out and folded it to create the gift box. For the one on the right, I printed out a plain template with the Pixma, which I cut out, and then traced around onto Christmas patterned paper from Basic Grey. I stamped the scalloped borders onto them with brown ink. You can see the full instructions for my gift bags here on Inkurable Stampers.

I also made some cute tree decorations:

And some additional gift tags:

So yeah - the Pixma is not just for photos! It is fabulous for your off the page projects as well!

You have to check out the Canon Creative Park website - there is a plethora of printable projects for you to create - and some AMAZING 3D stuff! See the post I did at Aussie Scrapbooking for my rundown and some examples.

Now, unfortunately, I had to move house just before Christmas, so the poor Pixma has been packed away since then. However, my new computer desk arrived yesterday, and I'll be setting it up tomorrow! I'm just busting to get back into creating things, so watch this space for more Pixma adventures!

Oh, and I've also been lent the Canon Selphy to test run as well, so keep an eye out for my Selphy Adventures too. :)


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