Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pixma Adventures - Part 4.

I just wanted to share this great idea that I had for using the Canon T-shirt Transfers in a slightly different way!

My daughter started school last week, and the day before I realised that I didn't have any clothing labels with her name on them for the inside of her uniforms! So, I went straight to my computer and designed my own, and printed them on the T-Shirt Transfers using the Pixma MP980!

This is a really great way to use your favourite fonts, colours, and even pictures for your child's personalised clothing labels!

First, I chose the font I wanted, and a little flower image, and then created the image for the label. Then, using Photoshop, I repeated the image as many times as I could on an A4 file size.

Here's what it looked like when I printed it out:

Now that's the cool part - when you select "T-Shirt Transfer" in the paper type menu when you are printing, the printer will automatically print the image you have selected backwards so that when you iron it on it is the right way around! Too easy!

So then all I had to do was cut out the labels, and iron them on to her uniforms!

Check it out:

How cool is that? Now I have an infinite number of labels at my disposal - and I've saved money by making them myself instead of buying the expensive ones you see advertised! And if I get sick of that font, or want to change colours, I have the file on my compter and can change it whenever I like! Fabulous!

So there you have it - another way to get the most out of your home photo printer!

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KerrynF said...

Fabulous idea Sarah and they are ridiculously priced when you try to order them.

If you get a chance head over to my blog for a fun photo tag.
Really quick and easy.