Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Baby Girl!

2 months ago a very dear friend of mine had the most gorgeous little baby girl! Let's call her "Miss E".

When Miss E was about 4 weeks old I did a photo shoot of her and out of about 150 photos I was able to get just over 30 awesome shots, which I gave them on CD to print as well as on a DVD in a slideshow with music etc. It was lots of fun to do, and her parents loved it!

I was really happy with how the pics turned out, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite pics here. :)

Isn't she precious?!

So Beautilful!

Baby feet are just so awesome!!

So dreamy!!

I LOVE babies - especially when I can hand them back to their mums! LOL!! I'm done having babies of my own, so it's lovely to spend time with these gorgeous little creatures - definitely good for the soul!

If you're interested in having me come and take some pics of your baby, pop me an email! ;)

Thanks for looking!



Michelle said...

oh just beautiful. #2 is my favourite. Love the composition of them all.

Rachel said...

Just beautiful Sarah!!!! Pity I'm done having babies too otherwise I would have booked you quick smart!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

your photographs are AMAZING! what a gorgeous collection and heirloom treasure for this family to have! soooo precious! I think #4 is my favorite! :)

Dawn said...

These are gorgeous!!!! Love the composition and the clarity in the eyes. I got to photograph Miss E as well yesterday, but only with Santa! LOL