Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas decoration from the archives!

I made this Christmas decoration last year, and you may have seen it on the Darkroom Door blog, or possibly even at Inkurable. However I never shared it here so I figured now is a good time! (even if it is a year late! LOL!).

So here it is:

I saw the original idea from a Martha Stewart Project Sheet "Glitter Star Ornaments" that I picked up in Spotlight back in December 2009. I didn't know it at the time, but the examples in that instruction sheet were created by my friend Dawn Lewis before we knew each other! What a small world!

I used: Darkroom Door Star Background Stamp, double sided cream basic grey patterned paper, Teal Stazon ink, Silver Kindyglitz, Metal bottle cap, Silver cord.

Here's how you can make one just like mine:

* Cut fourteen 2x2" squares from double sided basic grey cardstock, and stamp each of them with the DD background stamp using Teal Stazon.

* Curl each twinchie into a cone shape and secure with adhesive. I used double sided tape down one side of the Twinchie which worked well because there was no drying time. For my decoration, I used 14 twinchies, but it will depend on how tight you roll them. You may need more or less - but always make sure you have an even number.

* Glue the cones to a 6cm circle base so that their tips all meet in the middle. Make sure you alternate their placement as per the photo.
* Flatten a metal bottle cap with a rubber mallet, and attach it using foam mounting tape to the centre of the ornament. Fill the inside with silver Kindyglitz.
* Apply silver Kindyglitz to the edges of each cone. Allow to dry.

* Punch a small hole in the top of the ornament, and thread through some silver cord and tie in a loop, ready to hang. Hang your ornament in your house, and listen to your family and friends ooooh and ahhh!

Finished ornament size = 6 inches wide.

Of course, you can vary the size of your ornament depending on how big you cut your squares. :)

Give it a go, and be sure to let me know if you put pics on your blog so I can come and have a squizz!



Lita said...

I love this! So simple yet really effective - thanks for the instructions, might just give this a go!

jenny said...

Oh Sarah that is so pretty... thanks for the little tute too...

Jenny x

Vicky said...

Fantastic ornament, looks so pretty, I especially like the silver tips, & bottle cap :)