Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Grungeboard Party Hat!

First let me say thanks so much for all the comments and emails re: my classes for this year! I really appreciate all your lovely words. :) It's great to know I have such awesome support out there!

2011 is continuing to be an awesome year! I celebrated my birthday the other day, and the theme for my birthday was to wear black, and because it was also my Golden Birthday (where you turn the same age as the day of the month you were born) I asked everyone to accessorise with something Gold - like a hat, mask, medallion etc etc. It was such an awesome night, and everyone really got into the spirit with their outfits! I even had black and gold balloons, tableware, and cake! It was my best birthday ever!

Anyway, my golden accessory was a mini-top hat that I made out of Grungeboard. I got lots of comments about it on the night, so I thought I'd share it here for those who wanted to know more about it! So here's a pic of me wearing it:

I'd seen an AWESOME Steampunk style wedding here where the bride wore a mini top hat, and I knew I wanted something similar. So I got to googling and found heaps and heaps of tutorials and inspiration!

My particular hat was inspired by a Steampunk leather hat that I saw here by Tom Banwell - I used the template printed out on an A4 piece of paper and cut out the pieces from Grungeboard!

Here's a closer pic, modelled by my darling daughter:

I painted the plain Grungeboard with Gold Metallic acrylic paint, and then cut the pieces out and inked around the edges with black ink. I used black eyelets down each side of the seams, and tied them up with leather thonging. Here's a close up:

I picked up the lace from Lincraft, and adhered it with double sided tape around the base of the hat.

Because the Grungeboard is very thick, and the metallic paint very smooth, normal glues and even hot glue just wouldn't stick it all together, so I had to use Loctite (super glue). Worked a charm!

To keep it on my head, I glued it to a cheap satin headband that I got at Hot Dollar:

Because of the thickness of the Grungeboard, I couldn't sew the top together like Tom's hat, so instead I glued the top on and hid the seam with some more leather thonging.

It took forever to do, and turned out more Burlesque than Steampunk, but it looked pretty cool on the night!!

Let me know what you think!



Vicky said...

Your hat looks absolutely gorgeous, & you look so cute wearing it!!! & what an awesome theme for your birthday party...:)

jenny said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Sarah... I just LOVE your golden party hat... it looks fabulous... gorgeous pic too :)))

Jenny x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job you did not only on assembly but painting that hat! It looks like silk and leather. SO pretty! Adding it to the headband was a brilliant touch. So super cute! A belated Happy Birthday to you :)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love your party hat! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! :)

Karen said...

That is SO COOL!!!! I love it. Who knew papercrafting and milinery could be united by steampunk art. You are amazing :-)

Michelle said...

Great work Sarah. It came together nicely. Good luck with the upcoming class.

Gini said...

That is the most amazing hat Sarah, It couldn't be any cuter in a chic way.
I love all your stamping creations you are so talented!
It's a pleasure finding you :-)

shirley said...


Minxy said...

I think this is totally awesome :D

Wanda H said...

Wow!! Totally awesome!!!

Marjie K said...

Wow, Sarah... your hat is AMAZING!