Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Enjoying The Process!

I'm currently enrolled in a 3 week online course, run by the very talented Christy Tomlinson called The She Art Workshop. I'm having an awesome time creating something different to my normal style, and learning new ways in mixed media art!

I have to thank my new friend and workmate Kim Price for pointing me in the direction of this course - I'm so glad she convinced me to take the leap and sign up! (Go and check out her blog for her She-Art girls - they're awesome!).

So - in Week 1 we learned all about art mediums, techniques to create our backgrounds, and of course, how to create our "She" girls. My favourite part was the backgrounds - it was so free and adventurous, and so far removed from anything I'm used to!

First we added texture with paper, ephemera etc. Here's what my canvases looked like:

Next we applied all sorts of art mediums like paint, inks, etc, and stamping. SO much fun! Here's what they looked like after Stage 2:

The final task was to add your girls, and decorate the canvas with more stamping, rub-ons, etc etc. I struggled creating the girls, and I'm still not sure how I feel about their "no-face" look, but I'm really happy with how they've turned out! Here is the finished product:

Three very different looks using the same techniques and processes! I was so far out of my comfort zone with these canvases, but I had an awesome time creating them and learned so much! It was fun using up some of the rub-ons I've been hoarding for years too! LOL!!

If you are interested in doing Christy's course, you can sign up here. I highly recommend it! Christy's videos are fabulous - so much info and very easy to follow along. Awesome value for money too.

I'll be back soon to share each one individually in their own blog post so you can see more detail. :)



Belinda said...

WOW!!!! These are absolutely amazing Sarah!! Love 'em.

Lita said...

These are amazing!! I was given a chance to take this class and so wish I had now lol Gorgeous!

Kim said...

Sarah I am soo happy you are enjoying this little venture. It's been a fantastic experience so far and we have 2 more weeks to go! I agree with everything you have just said about Christy's class - highly recommended to anyone who is interested in stepping outside their comfort zone. Thank you for the linkback.

Kim said...

Oh and PS. I love the step by step photos. It's great to see the process this way!

Carol Q said...

i really like these Sarah. they look fab fun to creat too.

Gio said...

love love your canvas! Simply stunning!!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

THis is interesting seeing the phases the pieces went through...they turned out great and thanks for the link!

Katgurl72-Kylie said...

Your "she Art is amazing, and it is brilliant to see who you completed them. I wish now I took photo's of mine as I made them.